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Howdy Folks, I know it’s been a while since I posted something… But the truth is I am back with another exciting python project!

This post was initially published in my blog which you can find here —

You can get the complete code for this project from my GitHub repo —

Nowadays, Cryptocurrencies are the hot trending topic, most importantly ‘Bitcoin’. But the problem is that bitcoin’s price is highly volatile and you will never really know where it’s going to be at the end of the day. …

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This post was originally published on my blog —

Ever wondered how to automate the process of scraping a website, collecting data, and exporting it to a useful format like CSV? If you are doing data science/machine learning then you may have been in this situation several times.

That’s why I wrote this tutorial, In this tutorial, you will learn all about Web Scraping by building a Python script that will scrape a movie website and fetches useful information, and finally, it will export the collected data to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to do web scraping manually by your hands anymore! …

A man’s hand typing on a white keyboar. Mouse, yellow watch and smart phone is on the side. Picture taken from top angle
A man’s hand typing on a white keyboar. Mouse, yellow watch and smart phone is on the side. Picture taken from top angle
Setting Up Virtual Environment

This post was originally published on my blog —

A virtual environment is a tool that helps to keep your current project and all its dependencies isolated from your main system and the other projects you are working on.

To make it a bit clearer imagine this scenario — you have two Django projects namely ProjectOne and ProjectTwo. Unfortunately, your ProjectOne wants to run in Django 1.0, and your ProjectTwo needs Django 3.0. How would you do that? If you install Django globally on your system, then it would be impossible to satisfy the above condition. And here’s where the concept of virtual environment comes in handy. If you set up a virtual environment for both of your projects, then each project and all its dependencies would be isolated from each other in its own virtual environment and both won’t get mingled. So your ProjectOne can use Django 1.0 in its own environment and ProjectTwo can work in Django 3.0. Thus we can safely work on our project at any time without any worry! …

Faded Node.js logo on a Green-lightYellow background
Faded Node.js logo on a Green-lightYellow background
Let’s learn Node.js!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a very small commission. This won’t cost you anything but it helps support this blog running!

Decades ago, Javascript was only considered just as a client-side scripting language. Its full potential was locked in the browser world. At that time it was impossible to use Javascript for building things beyond a website. But then things got changed when Node.js entered the party.

Node.js, as you all know, is a Javascript runtime environment which means that you can run your Javascript code outside the browser like directly in your computer/server itself. This allows developers to use Javascript to accomplish pretty much anything other popular server-side scripting languages like python, ruby, or PHP can do. …

purple background with audio waves (blue color) and mic’s logo on top of the wave
purple background with audio waves (blue color) and mic’s logo on top of the wave
Let’s build it!

This post was originally published in my blog —

Are you interested in building your own virtual voice assistant like Jarvis in the movie Iron Man? If you are interested in building one, then you have come to the right place.

Howdy folks, In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own personal voice assistant like Jarvis using Python.

You can download the finished project code from my Github repo — Final Version.

Now before getting started, let’s understand what we are going to build…

Understanding What we are going to build?

The speech recognition program which we are going to build will be able to recognize these…

Howdy folks In this article I am going to introduce you to the Best Web Development Courses to Learn Web Development in 2020. If you are an absolute beginner in web development or already an intermediate developer and who is currently searching for the best web development courses to advance your skill sets then you have come to the right place. These are by far the best online courses to learn Web Development in 2020.

Web Development is one of the most exciting fields out there in 2020. The trend of web development has changed in the past few years. In the early days, one who knows some HTML, CSS, Javascript, and some PHP was considered a Web Developer. But today those technologies are not enough. New technologies are popping up every day. So to become a good “modern” web developer, you should learn “relevant” technologies. …

Howdy Folks, Welcome to this new tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple Todo List App using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

This tutorial was initially published in my blog, if you are interested to see more tutorials like this then check out this link —

Before jumping right in first, take a look at the finished product here at Codepen → Todo List Codepen

You can download the completed project from GitHub → Todo List App Github


I assume that you had a decent understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am not going to explain CSS, instead, you can just copy the code for the CSS file. We are going to focus on HTML and mainly Javascript. You should also have a knowledge of forEach loop, filter function, == and ===, Conditional (ternary) operator, functions, template literals, and Javascript Object. …

Howdy Folks, I am thecodingpie. Up to this point, I was writing only here on my blog— (you can find some awesome tutorials here). But today I thought Why Shouldn’t I give some other popular blogging platforms like Medium a try. And that’s how this blog post was born.

This is my first Medium blog post and I hope everyone will like this.

Now to the topic…

Do you know about ISS? ISS aka International Space Station is an artificial habitable satellite that orbits Earth roughly 16 times per day. In just one day, the station travels about the distance it would take to go from Earth to the moon and back! ISS is mainly used as a laboratory to perform some space-related experiments. At the time of writing this article, there are three people up on the space station right now. And another interesting fact is that, If the conditions are favorable, then you can see the ISS with your own naked eyes from Earth’s surface! (I had seen it 3 times!). Sounds interesting right? But wait, how do I know where the ISS is currently flying over? …


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